Immigration to Spain

Immigration to Spain can be achieved through various visa options.

The wealth visa service is our most popular channel to residency. This service is for the individual who wants to immigrate to Spain and has sufficient funds to live in Spain without working.

The property visa (or golden visa) service follows Spain's new law, approved in September of 2013. This law gives residency to those who buy a property over 500,000. The new law also grants fast-track residency to highly qualified professionals and to business people who will create jobs in Spain.

Our investor visa service is for the individual who seeks immigration to Spain via investment in a business.

Our corporate visa service helps established companies relocate employees to Spain.

Our student visa service allows you to study in Spain for an extended period.

The general procedure for immigration to Spain is this:

  • You deliver your visa application in person at the Spanish Embassy in your country of residence.
  • The Embassy forwards the application to the authorities in Spain.
  • If your application is approved, the Embassy will call you to pick up your visa. You have 30 days to pick up your visa.
  • With the visa, you travel to Spain. You must enter Spain within the time stipulated on your visa (normally 90 days). In the airport, make sure the police stamp your passport.
  • Within 30 days of your arrival in Spain, you must apply for your residence permit (with NIE number), in the province where you are planning to live.
  • You must renew your permit periodically. Your initial residence permit allows you to stay in Spain for one year. As long as the conditions for your residence permit are maintained, residency in Spain may be renewed indefinitely.

Strong Abogados lawyer Teresa Vera is our specialist dedicated to immigration to Spain. She has achieved an extraordinary success rate on visa approvals for our clients.

If I have to present the application myself at the Embassy, why hire an immigration lawyer?

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If I have to present the application myself at the Embassy, why hire an immigration lawyer?

A good immigration lawyer in Spain does, in fact, have access to the Spanish authorities reviewing your application. It simplifies the reviewer's work to be able to contact the lawyer and receive clarifications regarding the application. It is NOT worth it for them to contact the applicant directly. The lawyer speaks their language, both literally and figuratively. The lawyer can supply the additional documentation requested for an application that would otherwise get rejected.