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A time of recession can also be an opportunity for those businesses starting out now: salaries and office rental is less expensive, there is less competition, and excellent employees may be found who have left failing businesses. Businesses focused on innovation and excellence can emerge from the recession in a stronger position.

Strong Abogados is a wise choice to guide you to the right decisions for starting your business in Spain. Strong Abogados has been providing expertise for Spain's international business community since the year 2000. We offer a full range of business services in-house: incorporation, accounting, tax, and payroll.

Visit us in our Barcelona office. We can help you choose the right options to establish your business in Spain with minimal tax burden.


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Corporate taxes
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Types of business entities in Spain

The following chart summarizes the different types of business entities. In most cases, the choice is between Sociedad Limitada and Sociedad Anonima.

Business Type Liability # of Partners Backing Capital Taxation

Empresario individual (self-employed)



not required

individual income tax, VAT tax

Sociedad Limitada (limited-liability company)


1 to 50

minimum 3000€

corporate taxation

Sociedad Anónima (corporation)


1 or more

minimum 60,102€

corporate taxation

Sociedad Colectiva (co-partnership)


2 to 50

0 - 250,000€

corporate taxation

Sociedad Cooperativa (cooperative)


3 or more (if Cooperativa Laboral, 1 must be a Spanish citizen)

minimum 25,000€

corporate taxation

Sociedad Limitada Laboral (limited partnership)


3 or more (1 must be a Spanish citizen)

minimum 25,000€

corporate taxation