Lawyer in Spain

The commercial and civil codes in Spain are complex and require a Spanish lawyer with a deep knowledge of both if you want to achieve your goals in Spain. If Spanish is not your native language, it may be harder to work with a lawyer and understand the content of a contract. Our lawyers speak your language. We have specialists in real estate, immigration, business law, business litigation, and intellectual property.

Strong Abogados provides most legal services, such as:

  • Property transactions: We perform all the background checks on the property, and manage relations with the notary and broker/seller to ensure the real estate purchase goes smoothly.
  • Immigration: Step-by-step assistance to obtain a residence permit for you or your family from our in-house immigration lawyers.
  • Litigation: We offer a comprehensive business litigation and dispute resolution service that covers the main areas of commercial and civil law, always looking for the solution that best suits the client's interests.
  • Debt collection: With our debt collection service, we charge our fees in proportion to the amount actually recovered.
  • Labour lawyer: We highly recommend hiring a labour lawyer for advice as soon as you, as employee or employer, enters into a conflict regarding a firing.
  • Contracts: We cover all your needs, from drafting contracts and agreements to complex transactions.
  • e-Commerce: We review your websites and contracts to make sure they conform with Spanish regulations.
  • Intellectual property: We register your trademarks, brand names, and patents in Spain.
  • Inheritance: We register the death, process the will, negotiate the proper division of assets, and register the new ownership of properties in Spain.
  • Wills: We draft your Spanish will to ensure your properties in Spain will be transferred according to your wishes.

We do not handle issues of family law or criminal law.

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